One small serving of GF Souffle Pancake

I recently came across many channels that featured a particular pancakes on: youtube, blogs, social media — there is a craze for fluffy Japanese Souffle pancakes right now it seems. I made it the other day because I was intrigued. I think Japanese people really love light and delicate foods, and who doesn’t love a…

Japanese/Korean Curry

I wasn’t really a huge fan of Japanese Curry for a long time — it may have been because the first time I ever had it, it was incredibly salty and difficult to eat; I can’t even remember where I had it — it may have been Curry House. My second time at a Japanese Curry House with a friend tasted a lot better, decent even, but not I figured it still wasn’t my favorite type of curry. It’s hard to beat delicious Indian curry, dipped with naan bread….